4 Amazing Hacks for Clearing your Negative Energy

Health is your most precious asset. Be it your physical or mental health, both of these are crucial to your peaceful existence. In times like these, where the world is on the verge of falling into an endless abyss of materialism and life never seems to halt at one point, one might feel out of comfort and peace. This may not only effect your physical wellness but can also impact your mental health in a negative way. According to psychiatrists and physiologists, people may feel like they are attracting negative thoughts to themselves. This is what we call negative energy or old energy and can be helped with feng shui in melbourne.

The following article brings you 4 amazing hacks to cleanse yourself from old energy.

1. Do Meditation Religiously

Spending time with peaceful thoughts generated by your mind can leave a miraculously healing effect on your physical and mental being. It restores your long lost positivity and balances out your entire system. Meditation acts as a cure to dissolve stress response given by excessive bad energy. Moreover, muscle tension is released, blood pressure and respirations are lowered, stress hormones decrease their activity and fight and flight reactivity is down regulated through this medieval practice via a feng shui consultant melbourne.

2. Surround Yourself with Nature

Nature therapy is a powerful weapon to fight against any negative thoughts. The peace and serenity of the nature often creates a “system rejuvenation” that helps uninstall negativity from your mental hard drive. When you reconnect yourself with nature, the trees, the ocean, the mountain range, negative thoughts would not be able to get hold of your mind. Taking deep breaths can help relax your muscles and let go of any bad energy that might have had your mind in shackles. You can also look to find an energy healer melbourne that can cleanse the bad energy for you.

3. Dried Herbs

The practice of feng shui training melbourne dates back to 12th century where dried herbs were used to restore serenity of one’s mind. Certain herbs execute smoke which, when get into your body refresh your whole system. All you have to do is, place your desired dried herb in a fire safe container and burn it with a flame. Keep blowing out until orange embers are seen. Then, as you have seen in movies, fan the embers permeating smoke to each corner of your home. In case you suffer from asthma or any sensitivity, you can also make use of herbs only without lighting them up. This way, your space will create a quite yet peaceful atmosphere to carry practices like meditation.

4. Cleanse your Space with Salt

Salt has been the primary element of nature from sterilization purposes. From cosmetics, medicines to food and herbs, salt is an all-rounder ingredient. Keeping this in view, salt is also an important product that cleanses old or negative energy. You can utilize it throughout your home. You can use it as a mist dissolving sea salt in water and spray it in your room. A thin film of salt can also be placed outside the perimeters of your space to ward off any evil thoughts. Similarly, you can cleanse your space with multitudinous methods as long as those ways involve salt in them.

All in all, the above methods work as long as you use them consistently and efficiently. We hope this article has helped you know basic things about negative energy and how you can release yourself from it.

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